The Bucket Test

The Bucket Test

Place a five gallon bucket filled up about three quarters of the way with with pool water. Mark the inside of the bucket with a piece of tape this is the pools evaporation. Mark the outside of the bucket with tape where the pool water is touching. Run the pool on its normal schedule for 24 hrs if the outside level goes down more than the inside you have a leak. Simply enter the pool length and width on our pool calculator and gallons of water lost per 1 inch on the outside of the bucket will be shown.

Observations if pool may have a leak

1. Auto-fill constantly running

2. Dropping water level

3. Excessive chemical usage

4. Chemical loss such as salt or conditioner

5. Algae growth

6. Air blowing into pool or in pump basket

7. High water bills

We Specialize in pool and spa leak detection. We find and repair leaks all in house.

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