Complete Remodel

Does your pool or spa need a face-lift? We offer new tile, coping, interior finishes, equipment sets and equipment relocation for all budgets and styles. Make your pool energy efficient and set the mood with multi-color Led lighting. We also do renovations like adding a spa or water feature, making the pool deep end shallow or installing a Baja shelf. Remodels and renovations are a great way to make a drastic change and bring any yard to life in a short period of time. Depending on the work to be done, most remodels are completed from start to finish in less than three weeks!

Sometimes remodels or renovations are done out of necessity. In the photos above (3,4, and 5 starting with the cracked pool), we constructed a new pool inside the existing pool. The pool had many cracks and had sunk over 1.5″ on one side. We had discussed removing the pool but a wall had been installed around the property making it impossible to get a machine in the backyard. This meant removing it would have been done by hand which is very costly. To help shore up the pool, a 3′ x 3′ section was taken out of the shallow end and a caisson was installed. New plumbing, steel, shotcrete, tile, coping and pebble finish was then installed. The project was completed in six weeks.

We Specialize in pool and spa leak detection. We find and repair leaks all in house.

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