Repairing Pool Wall

After many years of doing leak detection we’ve encountered many cracked pools in all shapes and sizes. Cracks can be simple surface cracks which do not provide any water loss or can be serious and intrude through the shell or bond beam.

Many times, a pool that has leaked in the past or is currently leaking will show cracking. When water loss leaves the pool, it can push the compacted fill dirt away leaving voids under and around the vessel –the sheer weight of the pool when not supported will cause it to crack. In addition, cracked pools will also show sinking or settling which in turn can put added pressure on the pool’s underground plumbing network. If a pipe bursts, it in turn pushes more dirt away causing more cracking and creating what is known as a “problem pool”.

Here in Southern California where many of the homes are built on pure fill in multi-tiered neighborhood, timeis of the essence if water loss is thought to be happening. It’s just like a cavity and when caught in time, is not that big of a deal. However; when ignored, it can cause real problems.

Depending on the severity of the crack we have many options of repairing them. Smaller cracks are treated with epoxy or foam injections, where a two-part mixture is shot into the wall sealing the crack and voids around it. Mid-level cracks usually require stitching where Torque Lock stable system is installed. This is where heavy duty staples are mounted to help hold the crack together to prevent future problems. With serious cracks, we take out the plaster, shotcrete and steel, down to the dirt. A new re-bar cage is then tied to the pool and a new shotcrete is installed. More often than not, we make a bench with a crack located on the wall or a Baja shelf with floor cracking to keep the pool looking esthetically good while providing extra support. With mid-level and serious cracking especially located on a hill, we always suggest contacting and working with a soil engineer.

We Specialize in pool and spa leak detection. We find and repair leaks all in house.

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